Dark entity


Dark entity around

don`t you hear the sound

of mine

do you divide

between the black and white side

of being right?

Smoking houses in the evergrey streets

an eldering man without shoes on his feets

I´m seeing the houses and I´m seeing the streets

remembering what human beings really needs.


Do you feeling this?


I can feel the everflewing lights

which do not divides between false and right

I can feel my really passion

to be aware of living life.

Menkind will fall into deep depression

if we would not try

to survive the dive.


Do you feeling this?


Dark entity which surrounds the minds

is also in me

as in all menkind

I want to feel what you be

I see that`s not real

because you don`t feeling me

and this

is really




Do you feeling this?